Vietnam artillery fire bases

Indirect artillery fire required three component parts working in concert to deliver rounds where and when they were needed. Accurate fire began with an observer radioing our battery Fire Direction Control FDC requesting artillery shells at a specific map location. Then FDC computed the settings necessary for our guns to deliver rounds at the requested location.

The gun crews used the settings to prepare a specific artillery shell, shoved it into the gun tube, set the guns to the correct settings and fired the round when ordered. The observer had to accurately locate the target on a grid map that he and FDC were both using.

We knew that when he was identifying the map coordinates, he was making an educated guess. The second part of his job was observing the landing and explosion of our artillery and radioing directions, so we could properly adjust our gun settings and the next round s hit the target or landed closer than the first one.

The pace of his speech and the volume level said it all. In fact, we could feel it. Educated guesses were likely at this point.

When the ground observer saw the white smoke, he gave us directions from his location to the airburst and voila! We now had a place to start. Then we would shoot a second round and get more feedback, enabling us to triangulate the map points and establish the exact map location of the observer.

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The ground-based forward observer FO was most likely supplied to the infantry by an artillery battery. In an emergency, most soldiers who were paying attention could adjust artillery fire, but the more training an FO had, the sooner we would get rounds where he wanted them.

Adjusting fire is a skill, and the more experience and training, the better it was for everyone. Helicopters were also involved in target observation and were critical for directing artillery fire.

They were nearly everywhere in Vietnam and could arrive in the target area quickly. Someone in the helicopter took over fire adjustment from the ground observer, and we oriented the pilots to the gun target line. Altitude allowed the FO a clearer view of the target and helicopters became the most important tool for observing artillery fire in Vietnam.

Take them away and we would have been fucked. Our job in FDC was computing instructions for howitzer crews and the settings for their guns. A large, flat table, called a plotting board, had a map divided into numbered 1,meter grids covering the tabletop.

Firebase,Fire Support Base Vietnam

Our battery location was represented by a pin in the center of the map, and the observed grid coordinate location was designated by another pin. A large, metal straightedge radial deflection fan had two intersecting arms that met at 90 degrees with a metallic arc in-between. A slide rule, designed to compute artillery instructions, books of firing tables, the above charting tables and a new FADAC digital computer were our weapons of war.

On every fire mission, a backup plotting-table operator did the same computations to double-check accuracy. Radio communications linked us to the outside world, and a telephone system linked FDC to the guns. Air and ground clearances to fire came via radio, as did conversations with the observer.

Getting permission to fire was often slow when we needed American ground clearance. American air clearance and Vietnamese ground clearance came from separate commands, but were necessary and required for the safety of everyone operating in our area. Telephone communication with the guns traveled through wire, often run on top of the ground, and the main weakness was that explosions mortars in particular would cut them, ending our phone communication.

Gun settings from FDC included shell type, the proper fuse and time setting if the fuse required itthe number of powder bags to leave in the brass casing and settings for deflection and elevation for the gun. In theory, a round or rounds fired should hit the grid coordinate sent by the observer.

But like so many things, the reality was not as theory assumed. Still, on most fire missions, we were able to get the third round on or very close to the requested coordinates. The guns were now ready to fire. The fuse itself had settings and the number of powder bags to include and, at times, even a specific powder lot.

Fuses could be time delayed and point detonated on impact, and we computed and included in our orders to the guns, the time to be set on the fuse.Note that some locations have more than one grid due to either being large, or having certain unit sections at one area in a Landing Zone. ZA Grid is W. Tea Plant. Barbara 3km E.

vietnam artillery fire bases

YA Grids: Same area N. Forces Camp A Plei Me. ZB ?

101st Airborne Division Vietnam Photo's

MangYang Pass, 3km N. LZ Action. Mobile - 25 June AO also: BR Bong Son, 9km W. Phu Cat AF. LZ UpLift. Cam Ranh Bay. Qui Nhon Aug. By Dave Holdorf. BUT you must take this into consideration: The locations in the grids are found using imaginary boundaries as IF they were the same as all the rest in Vietnam.

Without going into detail, just think of them as normal kilometer girds overlapping without being able to see the entire grid. Those range from for instance, ZA??? Imagine the width of that zone as 3 three digits wide vs 10 as the others are.

Those range from for instance, AR??? Again, imagine three digits wide. You can use the other maps in the map room to help locate specific areas. Just read the how-to on using Grid Line Coordinates, and go from there.

LZ Oasis area of operations. Map credit: John McCarthy, Jr. Click thumbnail image of map to enlarge. Trying to find that LZ or exact location you were in?

Keep in mind that the grid lines are NOT the normal longitude or latitude lines that normally appear on maps. So let's find the exact location of An Khe using a Military Grid over-lay. Notice that there are two vertical and two horizontal red lines on the map. There are also 8 other grids marked in red that surround the BR Grid. ALL Vietnam grids use the same location method. All use the South-West corner of the grid to start the location method. Then give each section an amount or value of linear parts.

In which case, each side is equal to the number of A half-way point on any grid side is equal to It is a work in progress so if your base is not listed, please inform the website owner to get it added.

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Thank you in advance! Like Like. John, unfortunately, we are unable to contact the author of this project to add bases or ask questions. Sorry brother!

I looked at two bases and found crap about Marines that served on them I was Army that served on them at a different time.

But was discussed by what was written about the Marines. Not worth my time! I got your email reply about some revisions so I came here to see them. Unfortunately I am not all that computer savvy so I am having a very hard time finding anything that might be changed or updated to reflect the true story about the area south of the DMZ. I tried to mark the map somehow but could not do so. That ville is built upon our old firebase.

By the way, OP Falcon was on top of the west end of that last set of hills I mentioned. Thank you sir for the information. I have been researching for 20 something years. In looking at the emails some of you guys need to contact me. My list is over pages.

Have tried for some time to find the location of the base. If you can give me an idea where it was would like to know. It was close to Da Nang, did not find on map.

vietnam artillery fire bases

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Search for: Search. Date: March 11, Author: pdoggbiker 13 Comments. Revision 1: This posting is a revision for the one written below. It appears that the person responsible for creating this page, Ray Smithstopped updating it in However, my friend, Ray Ormonddid some digging around and found another of his websites with way more information — even has items of interest for Marines which the sample below did not.

Ray has sent him emails but has not received a response yet. Rate this:. Like this: Like Loading George, the article is revised.A small knoll about 50 to 75 feet higher than the fire base was located to the east and was incorporated into the defense plan.

The west and northwest sides of the fire base fell away at a very steep rate making an approach from this direction extremely difficult.

The northeast, east and south approaches were gradual slopes and offered the best avenues of approach into the fire base. The fire base itself was very small. The approximate dimensions were 25 meters wide and meters long; the mortar position on top of the knoll was circular with a 50 meter diameter.

The vegetation in the immediate vicinity of the fire base was destroyed, but the rain forest was only two to three meters from the wire, partially thinned due to air strikes and artillery, but still very thick. The fire base was laid out in the shape of a shoe sole with a detached mortar position on the small knoll to the east. Three strands of concertina wire encircled the fire base with trip flares interspersed irregularly in the wire. Bastogne was constructed in by the st Airborne Division.

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Bastogne had four artillery batteries:, and 8 inch. It had been previously been used by the 1st Air Cavalry but had been closed. Auto login. Personnal block. Welcome to my photo gallery. This page will be updated constantly with new picture received or located.

All Service-members that sacrificed there lives that have a KIA or DOW date; for more information please look at the weekly history that coincides with there date of death. This page is managed and monitored by the site admin.

Any unwanted Sale of items comments will not be added and deleted. Fire Support Base Anzio 4 photos. Fire Support Base Apollo 9 photos.

Fire Support Base Arsenal 13 photos. Fire Support Base Barbara 2 photos. Fire Support Base Berchtesgaden 7 photos. Fire Support Base Birmingham 38 photos. Fire Support Base Blaze 2 photos. Fire Support Base Brick 2 photos. Fire Support Base Hustler 3 photos. Fire Support Base Jack 1 photo.

Fire Support Base Lash 2 photos. Fire Support Base Los Banos 4 photos. Fire Support Base O'Reilly 1 photo. Fire Support Base Panther 8 photos. Fire Support Base Panther "aka Arrow" 3 photos. Fire Support Base Rakkasan 1 photo. Fire Support Base Tomahawk 29 photos. Unknown 2 photos.Camp Carroll was also at the centroid of a large arc of the strategic Highway 9 corridor south of the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone DMZwhich made it a key facility.

Carroll and became home for the 3rd Marine Regiment. Carrollwho was the commanding officer of Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion4th Marinesand was killed by friendly tank fire on October 5, during Operation Prairie. The mm guns put Camp Carroll on the map, particularly the tactical maps of the North Vietnamese forward observers.

Camp Carroll diminished in significance after the Tet Offensive. The 3rd Marine Division began relying on highly mobile postures rather than remaining in their fixed positions as sitting targets and Camp Carroll was inactivated on 28 December The base received more than rounds of mm fire in the first hour of the attack.

However, the PAVN removed the mm guns from the camp before the strikes could occur. These guns were later used against the ARVN. Camp Carroll also refers to a U. Army camp located in Waegwan, South Korea. It is referred to as "The Crown Jewel of Area 4". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United States Marine Corps artillery base in Vietnam.

For the U. Charleston: Creatspace. Con Thien - Hill of Angels.

vietnam artillery fire bases

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Vietnam Report: Operations at Khe Sanh (Sound, HD)

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